Arduino Digital Car RPM

This is my first electronic project using Arduino Atmega328. It is basically a digital RPM meter for my car. I have used Atmel Atmega328P-PU microcontroller for this project. Also an eight digit 7 segment LED display with MAX7219 LED driver chip.

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  1. well says:

    please show source code and schema 🙂 thanks

  2. Sammi says:

    I’m sure there are lots of microncontrollers with more isivemspre specs than the arduino, but what really makes it a pleasure to work on is the great community surrounding the platform. There are projects and tutorials all over the internet for it, and forums where you get a response to nearly any problem within hours.I’m sure I’ll move on to a more powerful platform eventually though, or perhaps a more powerful arduino will be created.C’est la vie (down the hatch)

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